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Many people find it difficult to achieve their first full bodyweight chin-up. Many women they believe it is a man’s thing.

When I tell my female trainees that one of my goals is to train each one of them to do Chin ups without assistance, they put on the look of “you must be joking!!!”.

The Media has not really helped matters as well. This is because over the years, their reports has listed several reasons why women cannot do or should not do fitness exercises like pull ups and Chin ups.

It is a statement of fact that men find it easier to do chin ups and pull ups than women. This is so because men have more strength in their upper-body part than women.

While women have more body – fat in the lower part of their body. But this does not mean that doing chin up is impossible for you as a woman.

Chin up helps you work on your upper body better. It helps to build your body and strengthen the muscles in your arms.

Well you don’t have to worry if you do not know how to do chin up.

With the right coaching and support, anybody- men and women can learn and do chin up all by themselves.

As an experienced and well certified fitness trainer, I will be designing a six – week fitness plan that will help you gain the strength and confidence for your chin ups. Get interesting information at

In this six – weeks specialized plan, I will give you with all the needed steps and instructions that will help you learn how to do chin up.

Be Positive!

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