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Metabolism and Body Fitness

Metabolism is a biological term that is used to describe chemical processes progressing continuously inside your body to keep you alive and enable all the body organs to function under normal conditions. For instance, breathing, digesting food and cell replacements are some of the services facilitated by metabolism. These chemical processes require a lot of energy and the lowest amount of energy your body needs for it to carry out chemical processes referred to as basal metabolic rate (BMR). You BMR accounts for 40% and 70% of the body’s daily energy supplies depending on your lifestyle and age. Other factors determining your BMR include body fat percentage, body temperature, genetics, gender and external temperature. Some people naturally have higher metabolism, you might be lucky to be among them. Health sector depicts that men burn a lot of calories than women thus having higher metabolic rate.

Metabolism linked with your body fitness or body weight. Your fitness achieved by raising the metabolism rate. Have you ever asked yourself, “How do I gain weight?”, “How do I lose weight? “To answer these questions, you should know that body energy is a complicated process that comprises many factors. Losing, gaining or maintaining body mass is substantially dependent on three factors namely; some calories you consume, some calories you burn during physical activities and some calories you needed to support life (your metabolism).

Many people have a slow metabolic rate, and several things can be done to raise the metabolism. They are briefly discussed below:

Aerobic Activities

This is one of the ways you can burn calories. Aerobic exercises are the most operational way to burn a calorie. You should always aim to spend about 2 hours of aerobic activities like cycling, walking and swimming on a weekly basis. You can achieve this target by utilizing 30 minutes daily for five days a week and making breaks of 10 minutes for your activities. If you require losing weight, you will need more than 150 minutes a week and bring changes to your diet.

Strength Training

Studies and research show that muscle tissues tend to burn more calories than fat tissues.So by increasing your muscle mass, you will quickly lose weight. However, this doesn’t mean that you will have to change to Arnold Schwarzenegger! Try aiming muscle-strength activities on three or more days a week. I mean activities that work on main muscle groups e.g. legs, arms, chest, hips, back, shoulders, and abdomen. Muscle- strengthening activities comprises of high-intensity bouts and weight lifting exercises.

Being Active

You need to be constantly on the move and join groups that purposely do physical activities. By raising the metabolism, you tend to avoid high body weight and chances of effects arising from it like obesity, blood pressure, and blood sugar problems.
There are also some of the medicinal products you can use for weight loss. For example HGH for sale , is commonly used to reduce body but has some adverse effects. Therefore, you use under precautions and is often contraindicated in some situations like presence of cancer, diabetics, etc.

Body fitness is not mainly meant for sporting people but helpful and necessary for every individual in the world. Therefore by increasing metabolism rate on a daily basis, you improve your body health and fitness.

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