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The Exercise in Details

Isometric Chin up:

The Isometric chin up is a simple type of exercise that is necessary for building up strength. It is not stressful.

Here you are to suspend yourself up above a certain bar and hold yourself in that position for about 5 – 20 seconds.

You can start by standing on a bench or box to lift you closer to the bar. Next you grasp the bar with an underhand grip.

Then jump and maintain a height so that the bar is at your chest level.

For the first time, you can start by suspending yourself for at least 5 seconds and with time increase the time to about 20 seconds.

Suspended Pull Up

This exercise is similar to the pull down, but there is a sharp contrast.

For pull down you are required to pull the iron bar of the gravitron machine downward. While for pull up, you are actually working to pull yourself up.

Here, you fix a suspension trainer to a high bar. Next you sit on the floor right under the fixed suspension trainer.

While sitting on the floor, hold both handles of the suspension trainer.

As you grasp the handles, avoid leaning backward, bend your elbow and   try pulling your upper chest close to the handles. Visit our new website at

Suspend yourself in this current position and then gradually lower yourself back to your initial position.

This whole procedure represents 1 suspended pull up. You can repeat the whole procedure for as much as 8 – 10 times.

Eccentric Chin Up

 Eccentric chin up is a means of lowering one’s body in a very slow manner. It is easier for you to lower your body than it is for you to lift it.

Lowering yourself helps your muscles to be in a continual state of high productivity all through this exercise.

To start this type of chin up, you have to stand on a bench or box. And hold the bar with an underhand grip.

Next, jump or raise yourself to a height that allows your chin to touch the bar.

Then lower yourself in a gradually, in such a way that it takes you about 5 to 10 seconds to fully lower yourself to your original position.

 Then repeat the entire procedure for about 4 to 6 times.

Band – Assisted Chin up

This type of chin up gives you support in times of weakness when you have fully extended your arm and lowered yourself.

Here you knot a rope to a chin up iron bar, create a loop and place your kneel in the loop.

Next you hold the bar with an underhand grip.

Then you lift yourself in such a way that your chest meets the bar.

Hold on for few seconds then lower yourself in a very slow manner to your original position.

This makes a complete cycle. You can repeat it as much as 5 to 8 times.

These exercises have to be done 3 days in a week. You have to do one of the exercises for each day.

Also, alternate the 2 types of exercises. For instance, during week 1 your schedule can go as thus;

Day 1 exercise a (Isometric chin)

Day 2 exercise b (Suspended pull up)

Day 3 exercise a (Isometric chin)

So for week 1 you have a – b – a schedule, for week 2 you alternate it to have  b – a – b schedule and in the 3rd week you can have a schedule of  a – b – a.

In conclusion,

By the time you successfully follow this six week chin up guide you will discover a great change in you. And gradually you will know to do a chin up and subsequently build your upper body muscle.

Be Positive!

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